You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
— Buckminster Fuller

Jeremy Agnew is an innovation consultant and business strategist. Specialising in tech start ups having set up and created two of his own. With a background in Design Thinking & Innovation from Parsons University and an Economics degree, Jeremy has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses realise new opportunities for success for over 10 years.

Jeremy's focus and passion is helping people realise their creativity and purpose, and helping large groups of people co-create together. His work always has a social impact side and in his private time he loves to travel the world, learn new languages and meet amazing new people. He has an extensive global network and believes that collaboration is everything.

He has now lived and worked as a consultant in Buenos Aires, New York, Mexico, Paris, and is now between London and Lisbon with his two businesses Anew Mission and Pier 31 Technologies.

Jeremy also won the EDF Sustainability Design Awards with his redesign for the Paris Metro. One of the youngest people to have ever exhibited a large artistic installation in one of Paris’ most prestigious squares and was featured in a number of design blogs and a design book. Jeremy is also a Rainmaker - giving his time to mentor charities.



"If you are just starting a new business and need help getting it off the ground, I can help you find the different possibilities available to you.

If you are looking for new ways to remain competitive with an existing business, or perhaps you're looking for ways to make your business more socially impactful,  then I'm you're huckleberry.

I teach teams how to collaborate more effectively, how to innovate and encourage a more creative environment to work in."


"All people have amazing qualities and bad ones too. The key is in finding what's holding you back and getting past it together. Helping you create a plan of action for the best possible life.

Using a number of different techniques I create alignment for your work/life balance and help cement your purpose."


This is Ikigai, the Japanese concept meaning 'a reason for being'. I look to see how individuals and businesses (which are just organisations made up of individuals) are able to harness Ikigai in their work and lives. For more info, here's a blog post I wrote on the subject.

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