"Jeremy has the perfect combination of insights from working in and with startups, coupled with a skillful ability to create innovative approaches to just about any challenge you throw his way. But above all, he has a brilliant mind, contagious positive energy, and the biggest wide-open heart you'll come across in the ecosystem. To anyone looking to do work that really matters: you're blessed if you can get Jeremy in your corner!"

Cosmina Popa, CEO, Rainmaker Foundation

Rainmakers are entrepreneurs, social innovators, charity sector experts, passionate storytellers, authors, relationship builders and investors coming together to work with charities on the ground. Creating an ecosystem that enables charities to be more effective, amplify their impact and to become sustainable by deploying the best of innovation, technology and entrepreneurial energy.

The below gallery shows an innovation day with the 10 selected cohort finalists for the Rainmaker Foundation. Jeremy ran the 3 hour workshop helping charities turning weakness into strength.


"It is my pleasure to summarise your engagement with Carefreebreaks and to highlight the huge impact you have made to our nascent venture. Carefreebreaks invited you to consult with us for eight innovation sessions in September 2017. The initial sessions explored areas including:

- identification of new opportunities for impact and growth

- exploration of multiple business strategies

- development of an ecosystem approach with short and longer-term milestones and responsibilities (as represented in a gantt chart)

- creation of a technology road map and UX product design materials.

You so impressed with your energy, positivity and creativity, by pushing our individual and collective imaginations, and by skilfully drawing freewheeling discussion back to actionable output, that we invited you to consult for a further two months. In short, we have a business plan, a tech plan and a business culture/mentality that has been significantly framed by you. I would have no hesitation in recommending your consultancy skills to other companies."

Charlie Ricketts, CEO and Founder at Carefreebreaks and Crix Capital

Carefreebreaks provides short breaks for unpaid carers in accommodation donated by owners and operators during the low season. It is matches carers with breaks via a platform similar to Airbnb. Around 8m citizens the the UK are unpaid carers, who provide a similar value economically to the entire budget of the NHS and underpin our healthcare system. Looking after their health and wellness is looking after society.

Sciences Po logo Jeremy Agnew
Mairie de Paris


"It is rare to come across people as passionate and inspiring as Jeremy Agnew. Given his enthusiasm and communication skills, I invited Jeremy several times as a guest speaker to my course at SciencesPo on innovation. Jeremy is, in fact, very knowledgeable about the innovation tools and his lectures were successful; students learned about the innovation process and had fun at the same time. Jeremy was also able to connect with students and get them working together - that showed me again his authentic skills as true collaborator."

Tomasso Balbo, Professor of Innovation at SciencesPo, Paris.

Paris Explore + was a collaborative project to enhance innovation in the Public Sector in Paris. Commissioned by the Mayor's office, and spearheaded by Tomasso Balbo with his students to discover new solutions to making Paris a more dynamic historical site for tourists in Paris.


"His pragmatic thought process really helped in identifying the source of different issues, so that we could then tackle the upcoming challenges in the most efficient way. Moreover, Jeremy excels at connecting the right people together and is probably one of the most generous human beings I know."

Dominique Giradet, Chief Administrative Officer

The Conduit is a new private members club dedicated to sustainability and social impact, opening in Mayfair, summer 2018.



"It was an absolute pleasure working with Jeremy. Through our conversations I was able to better understand how my business could refine our short term strategy to align with our long term goals. Jeremy was able to clarify this process and explore new areas of potentiality with us."

Robert Smith - CEO

Development United is a platform that gives NGOs the information they need to make informed decisions in the field, and that facilitates collabroation among aid groups all over the world.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.56.png


"Jeremy's mix of innovative problem solving skills, in-depth business strategy acumen and creative mindset, have helped solve some of our business's biggest conundrums." 

Philip Shaw Stewart, Co-founder.

Citizen Ticket is an ethical secure and independent blockchain ticketing company. They protect musicians and their fans from unscrupulous ticket touts who jack up the prices of events. Powered by their own blockchain, BitTicket, never before has ticketing been so honest and transparent. 


It's much easier to know what to do next - and why - after time with Jeremy. He kindly took a morning to help me boil down into a few sentences something that I thought was too complicated to explain to anyone. Turns out it's simple - and now we're getting a lot people on board with our ideas. We had fun, got excited at the possibilities, and got stuff done. Now I just have to wait for another thorny problem to come along, so that I have an excuse to work with Jeremy again." 

Jim Williams, Founder

Your Liberal Britain is an independent platform that supports the Lib Dems by engaging and activating their supporters around promoting the party online in a number of innovative modern ways.



"Jeremy spent time with me figuring out how to best market my project for street purchases of tickets to shows in Paris. He helped me think of new ways to engage my audience and inspire people to be more spontaneous. I look forward to working with him again one day."

Sam Ross Gower, EURL

Sam is a freelance designer and film maker, most of her work is in the field of communication design, however she is also fantastic at writing, drawing, translation, and sales management. Her work spans web design, graphics, email marketing, scientific diagrams, in-house communication and print.

bookalook logo


"Jeremy has been very helpful guiding me towards those initial critical steps of a startup, providing straightforward advice where it is relevant."

Melissa Fernandez, CEO

BOOKALOOK is a curated showroom, a private space on the internet, a modern and easy platform for the fashion industry. Where samples are made easy.


subtap logo


"Jeremy was one of the first people I met along my startup journey who really grasped the complexity of what my app was aiming to do and who was able to contribute various ideas at micro and macro level. I found Jeremy to be interesting and interested. I enjoyed our meetings and came away from them with new ideas. Jeremy also designed some attractive wireframes for my platform, which have helped to capture interest."

Harrison Moore, CEO

SUBTAP is a job marketplace app for the construction industry. It allows subcontractors (subbies) and employers to find, work with and rate each other and it handles the payment of wages fairly.

Victor Guerin Photographer


"If you have an idea, talk to Jeremy, he will help you to make it real. As a photographer I was thinking about my next series and after talking with him, from the idea of taking photos of foreigners living in Paris, it became a 2 year project, involving 50 portraits, culminating in my biggest exhibition yet - a result far beyond what I had expected. Every time we met, I knew that I'd be overwhelmed by ideas for the project, advice and more."

Victor Guerin, Photographer

Victor is an artist with a rare talent; capturing the light where it doesn't seem it could exist. He brings the darkness to life and makes the shadows come alive. Currently living in Paris, Victor has found his inspiration as far a field as Australia and in his home town of Rouen.

Jeremy is awesome. Aside from his brilliance as a person through and through, his inspiring entrepreneurial agility, nuanced insight, and tenacious care towards his clients makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. I can only hope to continue working with him long into the future.
— Katarina Polonsky, Founders Pledge

After moving to Paris from Sydney, Jeremy became a dear friend and mentor to me. He helped me to find work and made me feel at home on the other side of the world. His charisma, generosity and motivation for life inspired me to see that this world is full of endless possibilities.
— Harriet McLeish

Natural shaman, channeling his ancestors for me to heal heart wounds in blue Stonehenge with help of his fellow swan-hood companions.
— Xamira Zuloaga, artist, curator, actress and mother.

Jeremy was far and away the best student I’ve had in my Data Visualisation course at Parsons-Paris in the 10 years I’ve been teaching it. The dedication he showed toward his research project yielded an incredible artwork in terms of both concept and execution. Plus, he’s a really nice guy.
— Taylor Holland, professor, Parsons-Paris


OOOC logo large.png

I created and manage a collective of amazing people who do good in the world, and who like to have fun. These are the two necessary traits needed in order to be a member of the Out of Order Club. There are a hundred or so London members and we meet up, have drinks, laugh, and figure out how to help each other do good shit in the world.

If you'd like to be a member and come to the next one, email me and let me know what good you do in the world and what's the most fun you've had recently.

I was one of the youngest people to have ever exhibited a large artistic installation in one of Paris’ most prestigious squares ‘Place de La Republique’. The exhibition was featured in a number of design blogs and a design book. The concept was to create an urban living room.

With my friend David Myron, we decided that the one thing all living rooms have in common is the air between, which we wanted to make come alive, without walls.

So we created the framework to hang 10km of yellow ribbon up with Dyson Airblade fans in the centre which blew the ribbon to make it come alive. The effect of the neon yellow in the sunshine when you were inside was intense as well as strikingly beautiful. The project was for Smart Car in collaboration with Bo Concept furniture.

Click the image for more or follow this link.

In 2012 I won the EDF Sustainable Design Challenge competition with my redesign for the Paris Metro. I was invited to present his ecosystem of innovation at Pecha Kucha Lille to over 300 people. The project involved piezo electric technology to harness wasted energy from the trains and from the commuters, vertical gardens, natural light, and reduced energy consumption for Paris. I was in talks with RATP (metro officials) to see how the project can be developed into a reality, however they seem to have enough on their plates before considering installing vertical gardens!

In 2011, I directed, produced and 'starred' in my own underwater music video while living in Mexico. This was a collaborative project with a fantastic and talented jewellery designer called Chloe Amutio and her work can be found here.